93, Saraswati Marg, Opposite M.B. College, Udaipur (Raj) - 313001
Raghu Mahal

Raghu Mahal Hotel

Restaurant & Bar

Elevate Your Tasteful Moments at Udaipur's Finest Restaurant and Bar,
Where Flavor and Fun Unite!

Welcome To Raghumahal

Flames Restaurant & Bar

Whether you're organizing your wedding or a gala dinner for a venue or your best friend's 40th birthday or a bachelor's party for the groom, let Raghu Mahal Hotel take care of it with its Restaurant and Bar. Raghu Mahal, the best - 4-star hotel with a restaurant and bar in Udaipur has a banquet hall, for any special occasion. It's the individual touches that make the difference, so if there's a particular dish a guest of honour prefers let us arrange those details for you.



We offer Multi-cuisine with a specialty in Indian cuisine using the best of local produce.

Best Multicuisine
Restaurant in Udaipur

We are delighted to welcome you to our restaurant, where you can eat and drink in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We offer Multi-cuisine with a speciality in Indian cuisine using the best of local produce making us one of the best and favourite restaurants and bars locally.

With our skilled chefs, we’re committed to providing equal emphasis on all cuisines, ensuring that no taste is left unexplored. We believe in celebrating diversity on your plate, offering a feast that unites food enthusiasts from all walks of life, making every visit a culinary celebration.



Join us at the vibrant bar in Udaipur, where the enchanting flavors of IMIL and IMFL drinks dance harmoniously, creating an unforgettable libation symphony.

Flames Bar

The Bar has a casual ambience and the menu is continental. Dishes include rotisserie chicken with Seafood, shrimp salad rolls, and plates of pasta and sandwiches. We offer a seasonal list of house cocktails. All this will make us a stop shop as a hotel with restaurants and bars.

Delight in our curated selection of premium wines and rare whiskeys, designed to cater to the most discerning palates. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, where the clink of glasses and the hum of conversations create an ambience that resonates with joy and camaraderie.

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